Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Budget cuts a coming

My International Studies class is on the chopping block, so said a colleague today.

With the budget for schools going down the drain, the first thing to go are classes that are not fully stocked with kids. I was around a good 24 last year. This year started with 25, but at the semester a had one move, two go to independent student, and two leave because they didn't like the work. A class under 20 does not look good to the le ole bookkeepers. So starting on Friday I hit all the World History and U.S. History classes trying to get kids interested in taking a class that looks at something more than the United States. I'm hoping to drum up enough interest to get 25 to sign up. Possibility? Well, students that left Ukiah High still tell me that the class is something more than worthwhile, but it is very hard to get seniors to play ball with a college prep elective that involves more than turning a socket wrench or making a clay bong.

My wife asked me if the class disappeared would I take on Model United Nations as a club. Not a chance. Model United Nations is a very involved process if you want to do it right, and I'm not into doing things half-ass. I would get no stipend for the club, end up paying money to help kids go to events, organize fund raising, hold meetings after school or at lunch, and then hope that I could keep a skeleton crew for small conferences. Nope. I have basketball and AP Comparative to keep me busy enough. If this class goes, its gone and I'm moving on. I'll be glad to try and get it going again the next year, but if the Arnold wants to take the class and call it collateral damage, then he can be the blame.
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