Sunday, February 10, 2008

Basketball season over

20-6 again.

Now I get to live my life again for awhile since the Saturday games were killing my ability to do anything ever. Combine the health issues and the classroom move, and I'm grateful for the time to reestablish my senses back to the routine of having a wife and a bunch of classroom students.

Not that I didn't enjoy the season. This season had some great kids and some really good games, but the three hour bus rides and the really poor officiating (it was bad this year) made the experience tiring. I'm serious about the officiating. Last night an official called the opposing coach an asshole and challenged him to a fight after the game. Um, what's the coach supposed to do? Respond and get tossed? He got T'd anyway.

I'll take some time off and start up Open Gym in a few weeks.
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