Monday, February 18, 2008

Back from Trippin

With every vacation comes the obligatory trip to see all the relatives, so on Friday we traveled to Chico and on Saturday I took my roady to Ashland, Oregon and Burney. I don't mind the trip at all as I listen to my Imus in the Mornings on a portable VHS player during the journey. Probably the most interesting thing about the trip was the quotes that I heard from people. Some were overheard conversations, others I was involved in, while others were quotes that I heard on the radio or TV.

-I think it says everything about the level of education in our schools. When you have, look, one out of every five Americans still believes that the sun revolves around the earth. But you shouldn't have to be an intellectual or a college graduate to know that the sun doesn't revolve around the earth. There's been a huge failure of education.

-I was a teacher when education was important in California. I don't know how you guys do it.

-Bush's New Orleans rebuilding plan is a sea level situation. Everything above sea level is getting attention while everything below sea level is getting ignored. The Ninth Ward still doesn't have electricity, water, or sewage.

-You want to teach History? How to you plan to make it interesting........I mean, it's just nice to talk to you when your in such an idealistic stage. In education, that will change.

-You were always the family rebel, voting against everyone else.

-You'd figure that Burney would at least have a decent hamburger.

-Everyone, at one time in their life, needs to experience owning a business.

-I'm not going to ever support Universal Health Care. Explain to me again why I should be paying for someone to be a fat, smoking, alcoholic, drug addict? People take care of their bodies in the first place and the price of health care will drop by itself.

This does not include the dozen times I was asked about my job security and the recent budget issues here in California. Our little district is 3 million in the hole, and I have little idea how that district is going to manage to reduce. All over the state I read the same thing; that school boards and supers are having to decide what goes. Best of luck.

Anyway, I'm home again and fully prepared to relax.
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