Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rain, snow, and moving

Of course, it has to rain and snow while I'm packing for a move.

The high school is getting a well deserved face lift, and our building is the next to go into surgery. What this means is that teachers are being moved all over the place to different "open" classrooms, or in my case, going to classrooms to share with other teachers. Our department decided that room assignments would be given out by seniority, and being the second newest, I was one of the screwed ones. Not THE screwed one. That goes to the newest member of the department who has 4 or 5 different rooms. I only have two. Oh no, it wasn't by choice. The department discussion was basically "we are seniority and that's how it is". Great management technique. I'll survive, but not being involved in any kind of process leaves me with a bitter taste in a usually good situation.

However fear not. I'm kinda relishing the time away to really focus on my craft. Plus, although I have to share the room, it's with someone younger who I can talk with on a different level. I've also changed my final project from the labor intensive Economics Expo to a variety of other lessons that include a field trip or two, if I can pull it off. I'm also going back to being the hermit during lunch, unless someone comes into the classroom. The teacher has a small kitchen in there and I'm looking forward to really chillin during my break.

The really stressful thing is the moving of boxes upon boxes into my garage. Because I didn't get a classroom, I had two choices; 1) Let the school take all my possessions to a warehouse, 2) Take my possessions to my house. After talking to a number of teachers I chose the latter, as they stated that my possession were no longer mine once they hit that warehouse. I have way too much invested to let someone take my stuff. So, I'm taking trip after trip home and filling my garage to the max with file boxes and carts. The only thing going with me to the new classroom is a desk and a cart with a laptop. I'll live in boxes for a few months.

Moving sucks, but I'll just make do and come back to my new classroom more technically reliable and a better teacher for it.
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