Monday, January 07, 2008

Kinda figured

I decided a few weeks ago, just before we went on break, to grow a goatee. Don't ask why, I just felt like doing it and the summer months are just too damn hot to have extra hair on my face.

Boy did my students just focus right on the result.

"What the heck is growing on your face?!"

"Do I really have to look at that for another 4 months?"

"Did you forget to wash your face this morning?"

"Mr. Brown, you look mean."

"Brown's looking manly!"

Um, I don't already?

It is a short time experiment that might or might not last. I'll ditch the facial hair when it annoys me enough, which could be awhile or could be tomorrow.

The day went very well, with the exception of the nagging pain that I have in the upper left side of my chest. I had a heart stress test recently (had palpitations). The doctor said that I have an irregular heart beat but that the overall blood flow looked good. Of course ever since that visit I've had a nagging pain in the upper left side. It goes away some with a good burp, but it still stresses me. I'm supposed to go in for a test where they inject me with dye and check out the pretty radioactive blood pumping in my heart. Thrilling.

More, and actually real, thrilling is the prospect of finally getting a Teacher's Assistant. Actually, I know officially have one and I might be getting a second if I decide to take her on. With my classroom move on the near horizon (building remodel), it will be very nice to have a couple of extra hands doing some of the labor while I teach, instead of working for more hours.

On a seriously bad note, I heard a rumor that the Governator was planning to use emergency powers on the budget and planned a 10% cut across the board, including education. Rumors from a Supes meeting was that county offices are going nuts over how to cope with the cuts, and that teacher salaries might be frozen or even reduced. I also heard that the CTA was denying that Arnold was going to go this far, but regardless, the $15 billion shortfall is not looking good.
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