Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've lost my voice in the world

Seriously, I lost my voice.

Wednesday morning I woke up hardly being able to breathe because I'm so congested. By 11 a.m., by speaking skills went bye-bye and I became the "booming voice" with no vocals. Needless to say, it was an experience. My students took full advantage of saying "huh" and "what" every other time something came out of my mouth. It was all in good fun. Luckily, Thursday was the day that that counselors came in and showed the students how to fill out FAFSA forms, access FastWeb, and other general tips about getting money for college. That means four out of the five periods were prep time for me to keep my mouth shut, drink tea, and down plenty of throat lozenges. One period of International Studies, where we talked almost all period, of course.

The games Wednesday and Friday were interesting. How does a coach known for his loud voice call motivate from the sidelines? The answer is that he doesn't. He does a whole lot of clapping and when dissatisfied with something, foot stomping. At least I don't have to worry about technicals. Oh, and get this, some of my old parents came out of the stands and teased me as well. "Wow, how come this game seemed so quiet?" Again, it was nice that it was all in good fun.

Speaking of basketball, we are 13-2. On Friday we played the perfect storm of a bad game (over a dozen missed lay-ups, allowing 17 free throws in the first half, one player in double figures, shooting 11-29 from the free throw line) and still won. I have some kids of excellent character on this team, and in situations where some would roll over, these kids are finding ways to win. It makes the season very enjoyable.

Anyway, my voice has returned. I'm back to it tomorrow.
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