Saturday, December 15, 2007

Toni Kay Scott learns a valuable lesson

Here is the situation.

Here is the result.

And here is the my little letter to the mother of Toni Kay Scott, Donnell Scott.

Dear Ms. Scott,

First of all, congratulations on your First Amendment victory against the Napa Valley School District. It takes an amazing amount of courage to take on a cash strapped institution that settled for the $95,000 so it didn't have to answer to patriots like you questioning the moral outrage that can now be called "The Tigger Incident". Thanks to you, other incrediably spoiled children can now walk the halls of Redwood Middle School safe in knowing that they are totally free to dress in whatever manner mommy and daddy see fit, regardless of the rules. Thank God that you had the wherewithall to take on the noblest of causes (Sock Image Protection) in the face of the mounting adversity of academic progress. You didn't budge when the district had to deal with ever increasing budget pressures or the demands of possible Program Improvement..........HELL NO! You kept your eye on the ball and focused on the real problem with public education, the rules. You'll be damned if your daughter has to follow the rules. Seriously, why go to school to focus on reading, math, science,'s all simply a distraction from the real reason that students go to school. To learn how to fight the power, baby! That's right! What the hell good is education if you can't find a just cause that is worth believing in! Why demand a high standard in education when you can fight the fights that need fighting! Thanks to your excellent example of successful role modeling, I've decided to go against the establishment for the following transgressions:

-I'm going to sue the Ukiah Unified School District for not allowing marijuana to be smoked on campus. The current state law allows medical marijuana to be sold in the state and the rules of the school are infringing on my right to lite.
-I'm then going to file a law suit against the school district for not allowing me to wear my t-shirt to work that says, "Shut Up! I make the f@*king History!". As the ACLU says, "It's really about freedom of expression and tolerating individuality, which are core values of our society." Forget all about the rules, high standards, and such.
-Finally, I'm going to sue the Napa Valley School District for not meeting the variety of State and Federal mandates because they just laid off two teachers and cut programs to pay off the lawyers from this suit. Can't these districts manage their money better? If it isn't one thing, it's Tigger socks.

Once again, thank you for taking the moral high ground in respects to your daughter. You have shown her that no real authority exists in the world, only that which can be overruled by a mommy with a just cause. Fight the Power!

People like this that sue school districts are dispicable, selfish bastards that should be thrown in jail. Your lawsuit is going to impact thousands of kids and make the system worse for wear.

Way to go.
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