Monday, December 24, 2007

Holidays at last

Well, school's out and the holiday season is upon us.

I'm going to be doing a shit load of grading this semester, the one that ended last Friday and now requires the grade reports sort of upon return. Worse, kids are leaving having no idea what their grades in Government are. Ok, not really 'no idea'. They are only sweating if they were borderline, in which case I can't help them for another few days because I'm not picking up an assignment until at least Thursday.

Basketball is going very well. The JV Wildcats are now 11-2, with a one point comeback win against Montgomery. It was a very exciting game, although being down 10 in the fourth quarter has a way at making young coaches age quickly. I also saw an old reflection of who I used to be on the opposing sideline. I've calmed down quite a bit and sometimes it is flat out embarrassing to see how I used to act.

I'm on the final leg of the annual holiday road trip that started in Ukiah, stopped in Burney, stopped in Forest Ranch, and is now in Discovery Bay. Tomorrow I'll be home with the wife to open the presents that Santa left for us under our Charlie Brown style tree.
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