Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back from the holiday trip

Christmas has come and gone.

Now is the time that my official vacation begins, except for the grading and basketball practices. Stock projects and globalization essays must be graded, hopefully by the end of the weekend. Otherwise, I would love to settle down with a few good books and relax/read. Family members supplied me with a variety of Borders and Barnes & Noble gift cards that were promptly used at sales yesterday.

Speaking of Barnes & Noble, I had a minor Bay Area celebrity sighting at the Santa Rosa branch of the bookstore. Gary Radnich, sports guy at KRON and radio guru at KNBR was hanging with his family near the registers, looking through something or other with his wife. I'm not into stalking entertainers, so I didn't bother walking the 15 feet to say that I appreciated his radio show or that I grew up listening to his KRON sports reports. It's one thing if the celeb is at an event to promote his show, but leave a guy alone if he's with his family.

Ok, I'm going back to my new copy of Guitar Hero, which my wife bought me in some attempt to keep me busy while she buys stuff on Zappos.
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