Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well. What's been shaking?

-"Mr. Brown?"
"You have, like, no school spirit. Come on. It's Homecoming Week!"
"You want me to support your class?"
"Pay me."
"How much?"
"Depends on what you want me to do."
"Dress in all black on Friday to support the Seniors!"
"Do I have to cheer?"
"Ok, we are looking at at least $500 to get me to dress in black for the school day, and another $300 to do it during the football game. To get a 'Go Seniors' out of me, it will cost $50 a cheer."
"Are you serious?"
"I'm an Economics teacher. I work best with incentives."
Thank God this week is almost over.

-The worst classroom management issue I suffer from this year is cell phones, with occasional profanity (from only three students, all in the same class) a far second. The cell phone issue is a menace, with my rules finally including all purses and backpacks on the floor because kids use them as shields. Thankfully, all the cases are first offenses, which means that I give it back at the end of class with the agreement that further offenses get sent to the office. I've only had one offense first period, a half dozen second, closer to ten during third, a couple in fourth, and a couple in fifth. School wide it has become a major problem. I'm ready for the cell phone jammers in the classroom, and actually researched them for purchase on E-Bay. But the darn FCC says that I can't do it. Hmmmmmm, well see......

-I have a variety of students that attended class for a week, haven't shown up since then with hopes of getting on independent study, didn't get into independent study, and are now in a bind. One student's parent mentioned that they were going to excuse every absence for their kid, forcing the teacher to give a months worth of make up work and forcing the teacher to grade it. I used to cringe, but with my Moodle, everything is there waiting. Fine, the kid has the work online, but will have to do twice as much for a month, and be in my class every day at lunch to make up the quizzes he missed. I give at least three a week, sometimes one every day. For the next month a kid that hasn't even made it to class is going to do twice the work and have an extra quiz every day at lunch? Some parent gave that those kids the wrong advice.

-On Monday I'll be playing doubles tennis with a counseling dean against members of the girl's varsity tennis team. I haven't played tennis since I was 19 and I forgot how to serve. Is that bad?
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