Sunday, October 21, 2007

District Attorney starts to act

Our new District Attorney has decided to support education by going after the habitually truant students that are bringing down the school. As reported by the Ukiah Daily Journal, Mendocino County District Attorney Meredith Lintott has decided to take serious attendance infractions to court to go after parents that have no concern for their kids going to school. Lintott states that truant students are more likely to engage in crime, hence her new found concern. I like the fact that when she was going door-to-door during her campaign, she told me that she was going to look at going after serious offenders down the road. She has kept her promise.

I have a couple of serious truants in my class, and the fact that they get away with it is a joke. A few show up for a week, then take off and tell the counselors that they are waiting to get into Independent Study classes or to take the GED. In the meantime, the students take up spots in teachers classes and we are constantly reminded of the nightmare scenario; that parents clear all those missed absences and the teacher will have to give months worth of make-up work.

Nice to see the county finally getting involved.
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