Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And let's talk about taser boy.

A kid who had a history of outragous pranks asks a U.S. Senator about Bill Clinton's blow-job, and then resists four police officers and screams that the police are going to kill him.

Can you honestly say that the guy was tasered for free speech???? You don't think the 2 minutes that the cops were warning him and the guy constantly resisting had something to do with it? You think that if he'd shut his mouth after his first question (he asked many, and Kerry was trying to answer) and walked away that the police would have said, "No you little prick, get yo' ass on the ground right now! Next time, ask a question about a Tom Friedman book or you'll be shot!"

Somewhere in the mix of shouting "Free Speech", people forget the idea that comes with responsible actions and they end up making James Madison a genius for his thoughts in Federalist #10.

I've seen evidence of police brutality (duh, there are assholes in every profession), and this was not police brutality.
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