Sunday, August 26, 2007


At about 11 a.m. this morning, I started feeling it. I guess that feeling of butterflies never really goes away if you care about your job as much as I do. I'm not necessarily worried about doing a good job, I'm worried about not doing a better job. Numbers for my International Studies class are now at 23, down 8 from last year. It makes no sense, as it looked like the class was a hot commodity, but I think kids feel like they A) don't need to be in school as Seniors, and B) don't like classes that challenge them. I'm still a huge proponent of raising the minimum credits for graduation. However, in the end I need to do a better job with the class or it will get the ax. Hey, I'm a firm believer that if you don't get the students, the class should go away. If I'm not getting it done then bye-bye International Studies. That will also mean adios to Model United Nations, because there is no way in hell I'm going to try to do that as a club.

Other worries are the usual preparedness worries that I shouldn't have, but do. I made a trip to the school today just to check on the classroom, which I was in for a total of five minutes. Quick sweep here and there, a nod of satisfaction, and buh-buy. Everything's ready, but I'm still skittish, even at quarter to nine. After two melatonin, I'm starting to get a little tired, but the energy spurt is still in the background.......waiting for the morning.

In other news, it looks like someone over at Mendocino County offices found my blog, and actually posted a link. I'm probably the odd blog out with the others that focus on the usual banter about how horrible the government and media are.

I'm also in the midst of a fantasy football draft tonight, that will finish tomorrow. Yes, you heard it right, the draft isn't done. Those idiots at managed to crash our draft room for over 90 minutes, so we moved the remainder of the draft to tomorrow at I'm 9th in a 10 team league (to which I'm the two time returning champ) and I've drafted Rudi Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Larry Fitzgerald, and Marques Colston. I'm looking RB/WR for the next round, then QB in 7. Tight end might be in 9, but I'm not holding my breath for much that is exciting. Like most drafts, the good picks come after round 10. I'm looking at a whole lot of sleepers on my list that have massive upside. Jones-Drew is a big risk in the second, but we are in a keeper league and I see a couple of nice RB's coming up in round 5. Draft resumes tomorrow evening, after school.
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