Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Local" ain't gettin it done

My wife and I are in Chico taking care of my father-in-law for the weekend. We have come to dislike our former little college town due to a variety of factors, most of which can be connected to the town making stupid decisions regarding its citizens and infrastructure. The city is now in serious debt, with dwindling police and fire resources to contain the jump in crime, and is continuing to pander to the inhabitants that show up in late August, and leave in late May. What that creates is a large amount of Big Box sprawl and a huge desire never to go downtown. The last two times I've been in downtown Chico I've observed a variety of drunken idiots get into fights over women and parking spots.

Then we come to the "local" establishments that continue to give out lousy service. Yesterday morning we ventured to Sin of Cortez, a local eatery that is known for it's healthy, yet yummy breakfast menu. 7 years ago we would get a weekly "to-go" plate, as the interior was pretty uncomfortable. The restaurant has since moved and the building looks much nicer. Too bad that was the only thing nice about the establishment. From the moment we got there we had to ask for everything. We were given only one menu, and after 5 minutes had to beg to get a second. We were given no utensils, which was completely missed by the waitress up through the point of bring us our food. "Do you need anything else?", she asked as we sat there and looked at her with our table bare except for the plates of food. So, we had to ask for the tools of which to eat with. Then, with table cleared, we waited almost ten minutes until we had to ask for the check. When we complained we got the "oh well" look from the cashier. Speaking of cash, like the amount we spent, we had little of it when we left the Sin of Cortez. My wife had warm beans, watery salsa, and warm sour cream over a ridiculously tiny amount of luke-warm red potatoes. The price tag came out to about $10. My plate was two pieces of bacon, two luke-warm pancakes, and those scrambled eggs that look like they belong in an Egg McMuffin. Price for that beauty: $8. Tack on a $3.50 orange juice and a $1.50 tiny cup of coffee (.75 cent refills, are you fucking kidding) and you have the makings of a meal only fit for suckers like us that won't ever return.

Quite simply; the Sin of Cortez sucks.

For dinner we didn't push our luck. We went to Chipotle Grill and had some excellent food and $3.50 margaritas that represented a truly excellent value for the hard earned dollar. Once again, corporate America wins the struggle for my money because of the two basic principles of consumption: low price and good quality.
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