Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm working, dammit!

Yeah, it's 1 in the morning and I'm working on some curriculum for a class that I'm taking at Sonoma State. The class is a from 9-3 all week, and Friday is the day to present. The nice thing is that I'm getting paid $120 a day to basically do what I would have to do anyway......plan. It's actually been a nice process because it's gradually putting me back into the school mode.

Let me also clarify that the fact that I'm up this late isn't bad, because the class has given me a massive rush of ideas and I've been creating and tweaking my calendar until my eyes are crossed and I'm just too tired to keep it up. I do have to get up in six hours, so I figured that I'd stop. But don't you love that feeling when you plan? That rush that comes with finding something that you just KNOW will work better than what has happened's nice, even this early in the morning.

My wife and I took the last weekend off to celebrate our 7 year anniversary in the little town of Gualala, which is west of Santa Rosa on the coast. Her family was camping nearby so I golfed with the father-in-law at Sea Ranch and enjoyed some nice walks with my wife. We stayed at the Seacliff Hotel for two nights and were very satisfied. If you are in that neck of the woods, look them up.

Anyway, it looks like I have my class list for next year. The bell schedule is different (No zero, first period starts at 7:30, sixth gets out around 2:30 now), and our collaborative Wednesdays are gone. My schedule is:

1st Period: Advanced Placement Comparative Government
2nd Period: U.S. Government/Economics
3rd Period: U.S. Government/Economics
4th Period: International and Global Studies
5th Period: U.S. Government/Economics
6th Period: Prep

Not to brag, but it is my dream schedule. I'm totally stoked to get the year going.
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