Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm ready

Simply put, what else is there to do?

I know, I've been negligent in the blogosphere as of late, and I will have to blame, well, my job for it. I've spent all my time up at the computer (, setting up my class, and going through the usual meetings.

Speaking of meetings, the new administration (principal and super) both look pretty good. Good humor, by very "I mean what I say", and seems to have many of the same educational philosophies as I do. In fact, the same sentiment was shared by pretty much the entire department. This attitude of "let's get things done together" seems to have actually gotten us to get together in more efficient manners. Meetings have been shorter, work time more constructive, and the focus seems to be on actually teaching the students, not meeting stupid ass test scores (which have to be met, but good teaching should make that happen anyway, except when parents sign kids out or yada, yada).

My classroom was pretty much how I left it, only cleaner. The boards are dust free, the floor smells nice, and the desks are in pretty rows that haven't been bothered by kiddies. That wasn't the condition of the school in Monday, which had no phones, no air conditioning (100 degree heat), no Internet, and a whole lot of three feet deep trenches from the modernization that is going on. However, the problems were fixed by Thursday afternoon, including the trenches that were filled and cemented over.

By Friday afternoon I was simply wandering the classroom, putting away small items and making adjustments to things because I felt like I was supposed to be busy. The problem is, I'm just ready to go. I've been working all summer to prepare for Monday, and I'm just ready to get at it.
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