Saturday, August 11, 2007

Expression of Tigger trumps academic environment

You might remember of the post I made regarding Toni Kay Scott, a little tyke that wore Tigger socks to school and was disciplined for breaking the school's dress code. Mommy threw a serious lawsuit fit, the ACLU (which ranks as one of the most hypocritical organizations on the planet) jumped in and screamed "Freedom of Expression", and now the school has backed down.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Redwood Middle School has decided to relax it's rules on dress codes, making the issue fall right into the lap of teachers and administrators regarding what is and is not acceptable dress. This has created the situation that educators don't want, an instance where we now have to become traffic cops upholding a law that has less clarity that it did. The last rule was clear and more importantly, clearly enforceable.

This is another example of the hypocrisies that continue to fester in the social attitudes towards education. Parents want accountability and the improvement of the academic environment, but then resist it when it impacts something that directly affects them. You can't really do much when families decide that academics fall down the priority list behind sports, social interactions, weekend ski trips, week long vacations, month long trips to Mexico, protests, and Tigger on socks.

Do bitch about the quality of an education that you really don't care about.
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