Friday, July 13, 2007

This definately warrents a lawsuit

Wycoda Fischer, a freshman in high school, tried out for the Yorktown High School junior varsity cheerleading team and didn't cut the mustard. She complained to no avail. Her parents complained, again to no avail. What happened next was the last, reasonable recourse for poor Wycoda.


Yes it's that time again folks, when parents feel that it is necessary to bring an already overloaded judicial system into the ranks of extra-curricular activities! According to the Victoria Advocate, some cheerleading coach made an exception for one player (accidentally or not), and not Ms. Fischer. The exception strictly went against the "high school cheerleader's constitution", which Wycoda's family must be using as legal precedent.

I'm really trying to imagine my reaction to my daughter not making the cheerleading squad, and lawsuits don't exactly come to mind. In fact, I'd summon up past experience. I got cut from the Junior Varsity baseball team my sophomore year in high school. You know what I did?

I went and played basketball. Hey Wycoda, check out something else.
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