Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Live, from Sacramento, California

Ya know, the moment I get back into town, it looks like I gotta head out again. This time, a someone is in need of a friend, so my wife and I decided to jaunt over to Sacramento and spend some quality time with good people. Of course, it decided to break triple digits today, which sucks because I simply can't run away from this heat.

One thing that I did partake in was something I haven't had the pleasure of doing for over ten years. Eating a French Dip Sandwich from Bud's. If you are in Sacramento, or anywhere within a 50 mile radius, you need to hit downtown on 10th between J and K streets. At that location is Bud's Buffet, basically a hof brou that has managed to perfect the roast beef sandwich. I used to frequent the establishment back in my major Sacramento days, and I was pleased to find that nothing has changed. Walk in, order a roast beef and swiss with the bread dipped in au jus, throw on a heaping of meat, cheese, some lettuce-tomato-onions, ask for a side of "juice" (au jus), and BAM, you have a masterpiece.

So I'm in relaxation mode right now. Come on teachers. Join in!
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