Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Following Bonds

The teachers in our district received a little bit of a raise check at the end of July, and my wife and I decided to spend some of it on the salaries of the San Francisco Giants. We are both Giants fans, and attended the games on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday of last week. We were hoping for Barry to make history, but we weren't really going just to see him do it. We just love going to a good baseball game at a great baseball park.

Here are ten reasons why I think you should go to a Giants game before the summer is out.

10. Ticket prices are much more reasonable than the NBA. I've probably been to my last NBA game, as the costs are insane for bad food and crappy basketball. However, head on over to E-Bay or the Giants Double Play Window for really reasonable prices. When Bonds hit the homer on Friday, we purchased tickets for Saturday online ($50 for aisle bleachers, 11 rows up), and bam you are ready.

9. Print your tickets online and pass all the rookies. While the lines get big, you head to the McCovey Cove entrance and avoid all the crowds.

8. Don't drive to the city. Coming from the North Bay you take the ferry from Larkspur. Coming from the East Bay you take BART. Coming from the South Bay you take Cal-Train. If you are lazy, from BART or the Ferry building you can take MUNI to the park. But why would you? Take the 30 minute walk along the bay and enjoy the day! Then drink at the games, and no worries about driving!

7. Speaking of tickets, sit in the damn bleachers! People that say that bleacher seats at ATT Park are bad are lying. There really are no bad seats, and the bleachers are low on the field. Sections 138-141 are great, and with the new jumbo screen, you can catch all the action. Plus, bleacher fans are much more fun! Oh, yeah, bleachers also mean a quick exit. Head down and out in 3 minutes.

6. What's the matter with Andruw Jones? HE'S A BUM!!!!!!!

5. Boo Armando Benitez, and all the Dodgers. I'm a firm believer that you can boo professional athletes all you want. On Saturday, my wife and I (along with 43,000 others) gave Benitez a long, healthy welcome back to San Francisco. Ask real Giants fans this question, which would have been better to watch; Bonds hits the tying home run ball, or anyone hits the game winner against Benitez. Then enjoy the pause.

4. ATT Park is a sight by itself. When all is said and done, ATT/SBC/PacBell Park will stand along with Wrigley, Yankee Stadium, and Fenway as a baseball shrine. Yes, it will take many, many, many years to get to that point, but eventually it will happen. Take the kids early and build a bear, throw some pitches, or have them play in the "small ballpark".

3. Watch one of the best up and coming pitching staffs. You heard me, the Giants are setting up to have one of the best pitching staffs in the last decade. We are talking the old school Atlanta Braves style line-ups. Noah Lowery, Tim Lincicum and Matt Cain are kids that are contractually locked up for a long time. Now if we can only get an offense.....

2. Have pre or post game snacks at Palomino. The restaurant serves Happy Hour from 4-6 every day with $3 margaritas, mojitos and drafts, while also cutting 50% off appetizers and making their yummy pizzas only $5. We are talking yummy food too, not the typical Happy Hour slop. Palomino between the Ferry Building and the ballpark, next to the Hills Brother's Coffee building.

1. It's baseball! Seriously, if Barry Bonds wasn't a prick to everyone, nobody would care about the steroid issue. What? You think he was the only one that was juicing? Ken Caminetti said that at least 60% of baseball was on roids, and the government has such a jones for Bonds because he's a total jerk. Fine, the hey-day of baseball was the 50's-70's. We can call this the "enhanced" period of the sport, where pretty much everyone was taking something to make them better. Baseball looked the other way, and so did you. Don't tell me that you didn't want the Sammy Sosa/Mark Maguire home run race to happen. Don't tell me that it doesn't thrill you to see Roger Clemens back on the mound throwing heat. You like it, you love it, and what you don't see can't kill you.

Go to a Giants game. You'll be glad that you did.
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