Monday, July 23, 2007

Bye Pete

Those of you that didn't grow up in the Bay Area, or currently live in the Bay Area, won't have much perspective on this post.

When I stayed with my mother in the summertime, we didn't listen to a whole lot of music. We listened to talk radio. She lived in Sunnyvale, which meant that her radio was in perfect range of the 50,000 watts that was KGO from San Francisco. On the station was a straight-shooter named Pete Wilson. His style was to make you sit up and listen to what he was saying. I also remember watching him on KRON, Channel 4 out of San Francisco, and he eventually became a news icon in the Bay Area. He was still at KGO, and still doing newscasts at KGO-TV, Channel 7 in the Bay when he died of a heart attack during hip replacement surgery a few days ago.

Some might be saying "who cares?" It's just one of those things that remind you of your childhood, and maybe one of those connections towards becoming a more educated human being. I enjoyed the news, I enjoyed the discussion, and I enjoyed the fact that I seemed to have a pretty good grasp of what was going on in the world at such a young age. Don't you ever get a tad sentimental? I remember sitting at my grandmother's house as a young kid, like elementary school age, watching Pete Wilson and Gary Radnich on KRON (the latter is still doing sports, and is still excellent), and then watching Dan Rather do the CBS Evening News (before they tried the Connie Chung experiment).
My heart goes out to Wilson's family, and I hope that they know that he made weekday afternoons pretty interesting.
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