Friday, July 20, 2007

Another "card" being played.

Let me get this straight.

Derrick Ross, who is a quadriplegic, attended a birthday party with his wife and 6 year old nephew at Basketball Town in Sacramento. Apparently the party was upstairs, and the two story building has no wheelchair access to the second level. Being angry that the family had the party upstairs, and that he felt humiliated because he couldn't join, he's now suing Basketball Town for not being in compliance of Federal ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) statutes.......even though Sacramento County saw the building as up-to-code when it was built in 2000. Ross is seeking unspecified damages and that the building be put up to code, even though it looks like the building is already up to code.

I'm a huge fan of Basketball Town because I've watched the building become a mecca for hoops in the Sacramento Valley. Thousands of kids have benefited from workouts, training, AAU, and other sports leagues. And now a bitter man wants to take it away. The man mentioned that if the establishment put in a lift, then they would "be happy to talk about a settlement".

Settlement? I'm curious. Did it even occur to the guy to take the complaint to the family that decided to have the party upstairs, when there are the same type of facilities downstairs? Of course not. This guy is an idiot. He's looking to take out some aggression on a legitimate business that does a whole lot of good for kids.

My hope is that this passes quickly and Mr. Ross is exposed for the fraud that he his. I'm only hoping that the evidence is clear that the building is to code, and then the judge can tell Derrick to piss off. Worst case is that because this guy is in a wheelchair, a refuge is going to close down, shutting it's doors to thousands of kids.

Put your deck away Mr. Ross.

Thanks to the Sacramento Bee.
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