Sunday, June 17, 2007

Live, from Union Square in San Francisco, California!


Remember me? The teacher that was blogging with consistency and then dropped off the map? Yeah, that would be me. Once New York became a reality, my blogging didn't, and any semblance of consistent bloggomania went out the window. When I returned I was behind just enough to make life difficult, and then the end of the year pretty much took blogging out of the picture.

But I'm done now, with the class of 2007 graduated and my brain on relaxation mode. Of course, I'm in San Francisco now, attending an International Economics conference at the Federal Reserve, which shows that I must be a masochist since I left the grounds of graduation only 36 hours ago. Hey, it sounded interesting and I'm up for it, and I'm in San Francisco........on my 3rd Ultimate Margirita from Cheesecake Factory (which are suprisingly good).

I'm back.

Are you ready?
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