Monday, June 25, 2007

Live, from Bellevue, Washington!

About 7 months ago, my Advanced Placement Comparative Governments class was passed by school site council. With that new class came some AP money that I could use to go to a conference. I choose the closest conference, which just happens to be in my favorite city.

Actually, it happens to be a former suburb of my favorite city. Seattle has long been the only city that I would actually consider moving to. Bellevue is a former eastern suburb of Seattle, but some research has actually shown that the city has grown to become it's own entity. Regardless of the classification, I love it. The entire area is awash in forest, and Bellevue sits upon a hill just above and within the Northwestern green flora.

Horizon Air flies from Santa Rosa direct to Seattle, and then it is an hour bus trip to the hotel. I decided to take in a Mariners game while I was here, so I bussed on over to Safeco Park tonight and watched Seattle play the Boston Red Sox. The Sox sucked, and lost. The game was actually fun, and I talked with various Sox fans about the season. I was decked out in my San Francisco Giants garb, which drew curious looks from most. Safeco Park is not pretty. In fact, it's like an attempted cross between Candlestick and some attempt at Fenway, except that it really doesn't work. I guess that I'm spoiled with AT&T Park in San Francisco, one of the more beautiful establishments in baseball.

Anyway, I got in about an hour ago, and I'm up in 6 hours.
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