Wednesday, May 16, 2007

That's so rejected

The judge has thrown out the case that was brought about by the family of Rebekah Rice.

For those that need a refresher,Rebekah Rice was given a referral for using the "that's gay" statement in class. The parents sued the school district for civil rights violations and discrimination of religious beliefs. The case received an enormous amount of national attention, as the phrase "that's gay" is consistently used with negative connotations in American classrooms. Even my humble blog was visited by Elden Rice, father of Rebekah, and he made some comments that you may or may not agree with.

Now the case has appropriately been tossed out of a Sonoma County Court.

(Judge) Rushing rejected each claim, going so far as to suggest that the Rices had created a miserable situation for Rebekah by advertising their dissatisfaction with the school's handling of the incident during her freshman year.

This is a good ruling on many fronts, because the judge also told the officials from the school that they need to better enforce the idea that nobody should be harassed, including those that are hassled do to religious beliefs. It sends the message to the school to be more vigilant, while sternly telling parents that they should not waste time and money on cases that are brought upon schools to promote an agenda.

Now if we can get the other lame ass cases that parents get sue happy over; like these here, that one, or a couple of those, we can actually get to the task of educating kids.

Says John Mitchell, deputy director of the American Federation of Teachers, "Teachers are under incredible pressure right now from two places: from policymakers to raise standards and teach to those higher standards. Then on the other side you have parents giving pressure to teachers not to hold kids up to the high standards. Teachers are between a rock and a hard place ... It's an area ripe for lawsuits." done got it right.

Knock it off.
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