Friday, May 04, 2007

The Sci-Fi 25 Movies and TV

Well, the geek in my that loves my science fiction would like to comment on the Entertainment Weekly article that rated the top 25 television series and movies. This is being conducted now because we tested this week, and I heard about some of the questions. All I can say is, names and laws. Wow, we wasted teaching time on this crap? Kids won't be able to write, but they'll sure know the dates of the Cuban and French Revolutions. Christ, what a joke.
By the way, Star Wars movies are often argued to be Fantasy, not sci-fi. While I find the arguement lame, I'm going to leave them out because they are in a class by themselves anyway. That includes Spaceballs.
I have not seen Children of Men.

Who got in and should be in:
-The Matrix (The best sci-fi on film since 1991)
-Battlestar Galactica (Hell, some of the best television period)
-Blade Runner (Classic sci-fi flim noir, and one of the best movies ever made)
-The X-Files (My favorite television series. Trust no one)
-Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn (The best Trek out there. Ricardo Montalban will forever be loved)
-Brazil: (Screw "V is for Vendetta" and "THX 1138". This "1984"esque masterpiece is supreme)
-ET: (Kids sci-fi that happens to be the best storytelling sci-fi films ever)
-Star Trek: The Next Generation (Simply outclassing the orginal is a feat. But the Borg episodes put it over the top. For the record, I really liked Q)
-Lost: (Excellent modern sci-fi that used the flashback to perfection)
-Back to the Future: (Fun time travelling flick that brings sci-fi into the mainstream)
-The Terminator/Terminator II: (Hell, both of these films should get their own spot.)
-Heroes: (A little early to call it, but the X-Men on television is a smash so far)
-Starship Troopers: (It's supposed to be campy. That's the point!)
-Star Wars Clone Wars: (Was better than two of the prequels, and one of the best cartoons ever)
-Quantum Leap: (I didn't dig the show, but it brough sci-fi mainstream very nicely)
-Doctor Who: (The granddaddy of sci-fi is still going strong. And Tom Baker was the best, screw what Entertainment Weekly says)
-Galaxy Quest: (Not a mockery, a hommage to Star Trek.....and damn funny)
-V: The Miniseries: (Huge television event that scared the hell out of me. Man, was Diana a lizard bitch or what.)
Who got in and shouldn't be in:
-Aliens: (A great film, but much more of a great action film. I don't see this as one of the best)
-The Thing: (Horror sci-fi that was bloody and all, but not really great)
-Firefly: (Cult sci-fi that didn't even have that big of following, not that it deserved one)
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: (I really love this move...and I really don't see it as sci-fi)
-Futurama: (Oh, and the Jetsons don't get in? I didn't find it funny)
-Total Recall: (Fun romp in the action/sci-fi realm, but not really excellent sci-fi)
Where in the hell are these guys??????
-Babylon 5
-Minority Report
-Dark City
-Twelve Monkeys
-The Road Warrior
-Men in Black
-Jurassic Park
-The Abyss
-Aeon Flux (The MTV series)
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