Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Real shocker here (Updated)

On the front page of the Ukiah Daily Journal, in big letters above the fold:

Report: Many local youth abused and on drugs
You don't say.
I always get a laugh when the local media is years behind the party. I mean, I guess they ran out of community marijuana gardens to endorse, so they actually had to print the news.
Mendocino County has much higher rates of reported
child abuse and alcohol and drug use by youth than the state as a whole, according to Karin Wandrei, executive director of the Mendocino County Youth Project/Mendocino Family and Youth Services.
In 2005, for every 1,000 children in California, there were 50.1 child abuse reports made. That same year, for every 1,000 children in Mendocino County, there were 109.1 child abuse reports made, according to the University of California Center for Social Services Research. According to the California Department of Education's 2004-2006 California Healthy Kids Survey, Mendocino County also has a higher
rate of alcohol and drug use among young people. In Mendocino County, 85 percent of the students taking the survey reported they had used alcohol and/or drugs by the
eleventh grade, compared to 67 percent of students in the rest of the state.

Funny, but if you actually spend time at a high school, you find these things out really fast. When parents come to meetings high, or when kids come out and say that they don't need to go to college because they'll be growing weed, that's a pretty good sign that a community intervention is needed. This county has a huge proportion of Special Education students. It also has a massive drug culture. Think the two have no connection? Think again, and then go read the files on the students. Parents are pregnant doing drugs, parents are exposing kids to drugs at an early age, and the whole community turns its head.

"Our community needs to recognize that these are problems in our community and that it impacts on all of us and on our young people in this community. We all need to get our heads out of the sand and work together. ...
The first step is to acknowledge that these are serious problems. We can do a lot of things with people in these situations, but the better thing to do would be to have fewer young people coming to us for help (in the first place).
A lot of people don't necessarily want to respond if someone is abusing a child, and I think there is a lot of denial around substance abuse in our county. Abuse of alcohol and marijuana are both very much a part of the culture of this
county, for many people," Wandrei said.

Amen. Read the blog Karin, I'm doing what I can.

Updated 5/8:
Looks like the idiots at the Ukiah Daily Journal haven't learned yet. In response to the statistics, Managing fool K.C. Meadows stated:

The scary rate at which our young people use alcohol and drugs is no secret and those are facts we've heard before

.....and then she went on about how shocked and appalled she was at the child abuse in the county, making a clear effort to stay away from the fact that drugs and booze, and child abuse, have an evident connection. One day......ONE FREAKING DAY......earlier, Meadows was advocating the sale of wine and beer at a new establishment that was applying for a liqueur license ONLY 300 FEET FROM AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!

You gotta love when the primary source of information for the community hates schools and promotes drugs and alcohol.
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