Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'm cynical and sarcastic by nature, which makes it seem like I often dislike my profession. As I often state, I love teaching.

Because of the hideous idiocy that is STAR testing, I was with one group of Seniors from 8:30 until 1 p.m. Some had me an hour longer because they also had me for International Studies. That's right, 32 Seniors for hours on end.

And it was great.

Marketing and Advertising was the subject matter, and the hours passed by very quickly as I mixed in different learning modalities with power points, lecture, commercials, and realia (there's a credential program term for ya). The kids were engaged, the problems were at nil, and in the end, the kids walked out talking about the commercials they thought were effective, not "I want to get the hell out of here".

Quite simply, it was a very good day.
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