Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Could I be in love with Hewlett Packard?

I've been a Dell guy for quite a few years, until their service department gave me the constant run around and I quit dealing with them.

Enter HP.

In September, my wife bought my a sweet Hewlett Packard Pavilion Notebook, with a fat 2 GB of RAM, for $1,000 at Costco. It was an excellent deal and I've loved my computer to death. But on Tuesday, the computer booted up with a blank screen, even though I could hear the applications on the desktop through my nice Altec Lansing installed speaker system. After looking up the problem online, it seemed as if the video adapter on my motherboard was fried, which is something I'm not going to touch, especially if the computer is under warranty. But would I have the same problem with HP that I did with Dell?

As of right now, not at all, and I'm beginning to get impressed, which is not easy when dealing with computer companies.

My experience began at HP's website and the usual look into what could be wrong. I knew what was wrong, so I decided to go straight into an online chat with a tech person. I admit, I was not happy and I didn't want a run around. I wanted to be told that this computer was under warranty and that I was getting it fixed. Guess what........after telling him the serial number, and telling him that I couldn't plug in an external monitor, he told me that my computer was under warranty, and it was going to be fixed. Not only that, the man on the chat said that since it was a vital part of my job, I would be put on the priority list. He stated that he was sending a box for my laptop and we ended on good terms.

But talk is cheap, right? What about actions?

The chat was on Monday, April 30th in the late afternoon. The box was at my door on Wednesday. The box was well secured and padded, which gave me no worry about the transport. I sent it FedEx on Thursday. It arrived in Tennessee Friday morning and guess what?


That's right! On Monday had my Hewlett Packard back in my hands, totally repaired under warranty with no hassle, quick service, and excellent customer satisfaction.

From now on, it's HP for me!
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