Thursday, April 12, 2007

A sad day for race relations and the First Amendment

It could easily have been a huge dose of karma. When a man like Don Imus spends his career ripping others, when the tables are turned, it isn't pretty.

Then again, neither is the truth. And the truth is race relations and the First Amendment have suffered because society has decided to wage war on "what is offensive".

Let's really take look at the situation?

First of all, here is the spokesman for the entire controversy. Al Sharpton, who is notorious for using race to line his own pockets with money and to get his fat mug on television, has successfully managed to become the voice of morality in this issue. We are talking about a man who refuses to apologize for attacking white men in the Tawana Brawley case, and in the recent Duke Lacrosse rape case. We are talking about a man so angry at racism in America that he walked into the CBS/Viacom Headquarters and demanded the removal of the horrible depiction of black women on MTV. Oops, no he didn't. He went in and attacked a comedian that made a mistake, and has a history of supporting black leaders and black causes. What is worse is this, "It is our feeling that this is only the beginning. We must have a broad discussion on what is permitted and not permitted in terms of the airwaves."

It is so interesting that his examples, and those listed by the other pundits on that are back this clown, are mostly conservative talk radio hosts. No mention of Howard Stern, Dave Chapelle, Louis Farrakhan, or Alec Baldwin (who called for the death of Congressmen who went after Bill Clinton). No marches against MTV, BET, or the dozens of rap artists who totally and intentionally degrade not only women, but blacks. No complaints about Halle Barry (who will star in the movie "Nappily Ever After"), Chris Rock (who used the word 'nigger' a half dozen times on Bill Maher), or Snoop Dogg (who stated that rappers could use 'bitches' and 'hoes' because they are from the street). Nope, the speech attacks are selective, the moral imperative that is brought on by Sharpton is selective, and the attempt to pass selective judgement is disgusting.

Also disgusting is the fact that all these people that Imus helped elect, that called him a friend, that actually participated in the banter, and now washing their hands of the show by considering themselves above the issue. Chris Dodd, who has been on for years, refused to get into the discussion and used the time to hump some stupid agenda for national discussion. Funny that he didn't really want to touch it. Al Franken, one of the more funny guests on the program, went off and torched the same guy that he agreed with on my issues regarding conservative politicians. And then you have all the stories of the new "victims" of this 'hateful' act by Don Imus. Serena Williams telling Larry King about her pain, Dela Reese wanting Imus to do a better job searching for Jesus in his life, and a host of op-ed columnists who have stated that Don Imus has created more damage to the black race than anyone in the last 30 years. Wow. Now, you are telling me that a 66 year old disc jockey from New York can create this many victims simply based on idiotic words from the airwaves of the 14th ranked radio show in syndication? Are you serious? And you think Imus is the problem? How about the idea that everyone is a victim, that seems like a much bigger problem.

A commenter on a previous post asked "I know if they were young women in your care you wouldn't have found it humorous. I can't see you inviting him into your first period class and to call the young women hos, or the young men on your losing basketball team faggots." This poses an excellent question for a teacher or coach in regards to the youth of America; did Rutgers and the basketball coach, Vivian Stringer, handle the situation in the best interest of the kids. In my opinion, not at all. In fact, she provided a disservice to those women by making them out to be victims. What would I have told my players? I would have told them, "Who the hell cares who Don Imus is? He's an old idiot that is paid to make dumb ass remarks to bug people. Nobody can take this away from you, especially not some old disc jockey from New York. In the end, nobody really gives a damn what he thinks anyway." No, I would not have pulled a media stunt and paraded those kids out there like they had recently been hostages in Iran. No, I would not have made a huge media spectacle portraying my players as poor little kids whose life is destroyed by a grumpy old man. No, I would not have gone on Oprah to parlay my image as a race victim to a woman who is only interested in finding another cause. And no, I would not have made these arrangements to have everyone and God meet with Imus at the Governor's mansion in New Jersey. What would I have done?

Dear Mr. Imus,
It has come to my attention that you called my basketball team "faggots"
during last weeks program. It should be known that your attempts at humor
have more than crossed the line and I'm expecting a full apology. Your
words are disgusting and crass, and I find them very offensive.
Jeff Silva-Brown
Ukiah High School Basketball

Then you do what you are supposed to do when the loud-mouthed blowhard wants attention.....ignore him. You take the high road, the kids gain a sense of empowerment, and you don't give the real idiots, Sharpton, and in this case, Imus, any power to completely overblow a situation. But no, now the Rutgers women are symbols of malice, and will forever be labelled as 'victims'. These women, who admitted to never hearing of Don Imus, have now been told by the media, Al Sharpton, and every other angry soul that they are victims from a few words from an old man from New York.

We have done nothing in this crisis of race but create more hypocrisy, more anger, and find time to make a valiant attempt at tearing down the First Amendment. We have destroyed a show that popular (polling data is 75/25 in support of Imus) and thought provoking, while empowered a pair of race hustlers that compare themselves to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Instead of filling these Rutgers women with a sense of empowerment (FU old man!), they are now the Nancy Kerrigan ("Why me?") of racial progress. We have ignored the real plight of race in America (inadequate education, loss of focus on family, poverty conditions, a feeling that the 'American Dream' isn't there), and in it's place we substituted a 66 year old white grump from New York.

A lot of damage has been done today. When are we going to have the balls to face it, and fix it?

Thanks to Jason Whitlock and the majority of the American people. (almost every poll is like this one).
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