Saturday, April 28, 2007

It feels non-stop, even if it isn't

Quite simply, it's just one of those weird times.

I'm busy, and every time I get something done, something else jumps in to take it's place. Starbucks essays are graded, now I have to grade Power Points, which are now done except that I have to prep for a week of STAR testing, which is done except now I have to grade quickwrites from my Intro students about gun laws and Iraq, which are finished except that I have to type up my AP audit, which isn't fucking done yet.

Get it?

I'm not really angry about it, its just busy and busy becomes mundane after awhile. I mean, teaching means you are constantly busy, but it's one of those "controlled" busy feelings where you have a good handle on it. Mine slipped this week, and worse, I didn't really feel like getting a handle a whole hell of a lot. It didn't necessarily impact my ability to teach, just my ability to grade, although I was quite a bit more sarcastic than usual on Friday. Oh, and the fact that I saw an ex-student that was super nice..........until I asked her if she was pregnant again, and she wasn't.

Oops. Hey, it was Friday, I was tired, and it was hotter than hell.

Yes, for the last two days it has been in the high 80's, which will allow me no sympathy from those that are getting railed by storms and freezing weather back east. Fine, but realize that I'm teaching in a classroom that currently has no air conditioning, and Friday was murder. 85 degrees outside feels like 92 inside, with 30 students trying to take a test. I would have loved stay after school and do some serious work, if it wasn't 90 in my classroom while the fan pumped in nice, warm outside air. So I went home where I vowed to work, only to sit on the sofa and veg out for the evening.

Just blah, what else is there to say.
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