Monday, April 23, 2007

The Best and the Brightest is gone

Tragic news out of the world of literature, political science and sports.

David Halberstam, author extraordinaire, died in the Bay Area in a car accident. Some of the great works from Halberstam included The Best and the Brightest, Playing for Keeps, The Summer of '49, October 1964, and one of my favorites, The Fifties.

We all have different authors that really influenced us, inspired us, or just made life better with a good book. David Halberstam came along while I was a Junior in college, when professor Bob Cottrell often referenced The Fifties in some of his lectures. Then I read parts of The Best and the Brightest, and finally I was convinced by listening to George Will in a quick interview at a Giants game that Halberstam was a great baseball writer.

I'm very saddened that I won't have another David Halberstam book to look forward to. My heart goes out to the Halberstam family, and to all the readers that now must fill a large, empty hole.
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