Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers

Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for this one.

Doesn't everyone love Tigger? I mean, the whole idea of Tigger, and Christopher Robin, and Winne the Pooh is surrounding the innocence of children...............except if you are a student at Redwood Middle School.
The American Civil Liberties Union has filed suit on behalf of 14-year-old Toni Kay Scott, five other students at Redwood Middle School and their parents, challenging a dress code imposed by the school and theNapa Valley Unified School District.

The code calls for clothes to be entirely solid colors: blue, white, green,
yellow, khaki, gray, brown or black. The only fabrics permitted are
cotton twill, chino or corduroy. No jeans allowed. No pictures, words,
symbols or patterns.
For the record, I'm very pro-civil liberties, and very anti-ACLU, who spends a tremendous amount of time protecting pretty lame examples of "Free Speech". Kinda like this one.

Anyway, little Toni Kay Scott apparently wore long socks with Tigger on them, and was promptly sent to in-school suspension for breaking the dress code. By the way, the in-school suspension program is called "Students with Attitude Problems", quite possibly the worst name for in-school that I've ever heard. Moving on, the parent feels that the school is violating freedom of expression, thatprovocative clothes are the problem, that her kid is exempt, yada, yada, yada. I've heard this before. Have you?

Is the school overreacting? I'd say a little, but with the current climate of gang activity starting at about that age, I'm inclined to accept the dress code. Is Tigger dangerous? Only when stirred to aggression by Eores slow-moving ass (get it?). Is the parent correct in suing the school?


Let's make sure that I'm perfectly aware of the situation. The student and parent knew the dress code. The parent blatantly went against the dress code because she didn't like it. The student was punished for breaking the already realized dress code. Parent sues school because she KNOWINGLY ALLOWED HER CHILD TO BREAK THE LAWS REGARDING THE DRESS CODE AT THE SCHOOL!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!
The girls' mother, Donnell Scott, said it was fine for a school to ban midriffs and miniskirts. "School is a place to learn,'' she said. "But anything above that should be my call as a parent. Pink socks and two-tones are not a crime.

Then you teach your kid and stop wasting the money of public education on one of your self-righteous crusades to prove that a 14 year old on a high school campus has the
same rights that you do. THEY DON'T!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE CHILDREN!!!!!!!! If you had half a brain, you wouldn't teach your child that breaking the rules because you simply don't like them is an appropriate method of enacting positive changing. Instead, you would show the kid the due
process of changing the rule, and explain how , in this society, YOU DON'T GET EVERYTHING YOU F-ING WANT!!!!!!!!!! My guess is that since the rule is currently in force at a public school, that it went through teh process of a school board, a public hearing, and a vote. That is the will of people. Follow it and then call Sean Hannity and bitch about it.

No, pink socks and two-tones are not a crime, but breaking the rules is. Way to "teach" your child.

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