Saturday, March 10, 2007

No way,Teach! I got my Green Card!

During my second year at the school I had an interesting incident with an 18 year old student who proudly waived his Medical Marijuana card in the air and exclaimed, "I smoke it, my family grows it, and it is good". It was during a discussion about Federalism and the legalization
of the drug in California, but totally inappropriate. When I discussed the incident with the higher-ups, I found that the only thing that could really be done was a call home to ask the student not to rile everyone up with his "Go Green" antics. It was also an interesting
introduction to the drug culture of this town.

A couple of news outlets have been creating interesting story headlines like "Teens at California school getting high on medical marijuana", as if the schools
themselves are medical dispensaries for the product. In truth, medical marijuana cards are just incredibly simple to obtain for theyoungins . Kids at the school will gladly tell you that $100 and a warm body will get you access to a travelling doctor who writes up a solution for you.
Basically, the idea of medical use is crap.

If you read the article, you'll see that the problem was that kids were coming to campus high, and justifying it with the Green Card. That's just the sign of stupid kids who are high. However, here in Ukiah, talk of families growing weed and the backbone of the economy being the
green stuff is not uncommon. In fact, I've had plenty of Intro level students state that they didn't even need to bother going to college, or even graduating high school, because they would help the family grow.

I wonder if NCLB has provisions about that.
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