Thursday, March 08, 2007

If you want us to work, give us the tools

Not too much of a surprise here, although it is interesting that society keeps bitching about problems with public education, and continues to skimp on the subject.

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Govner Ahhhhhhnold is looking to get rid of the already piddly teacher tax credit, which is around $250 a teacher. Yet again, the government looks at education as more of a budget item than an investment. Take our school. Special Education costs are skyrocketing. Transportation costs have climbed the ladder to the point of taking away from general funding. Chairs and desks are falling apart. Computers are old and take 10 minutes to simply boot up. What can the governor do? Why, cut more benefits for teachers of course.

Of course, the dedication of public educators is constantly in question lately with all the education issues that are popping up. I used to be a big fan of Joanne Jacobs (blogroll right) because she seemed to want what was best for the kids. In the last few months, Joanne has pretty much made it a habit to find everything that is bad about public education, from special education to teachers to philosophy. Now it's not about kids, it's about hating public education and humping charters, while the vast majority of kids are continuing to get screwed by the lack of investment by society into the public education system. Instead of helping to fix the problem, Joanne has be exacerbating it as of late. She's not alone, it seems to be the attitude of the whole of society.

My wife and I combined our receipts for the year and checked how much we spent of school materials, not counting college units or anything like that. Total cost? $3,800.

If Ahhhhhhhhnold wants the best teachers, he better start paying for them.
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