Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey Joe, do me a favor. DON'T LINK ME!

Obviously, Joe Hammond, NEA gopher that is sucking down taxes that I am forced to pay, has decided to link my blog, but he made it look like I was hating my job or something.

I was checking out Darren over at Right on the Left Coast (check the B-Roll!) when I noticed that the NEA linked his blog with this post regarding teacher blogs and Spring time. I scrolled down the article until I noticed a link regarding unhappy teachers and Senioritis. I actually became flushed with anger and noticed that the link was to my Sunday post regarding signs of Senioritis.

Unhappy? I don't think that I mentioned once that I was unhappy. I think that I mentioned that my job is challenging, and I believe that I've mentioned many times that I love being a teacher, but unhappy?

Memo to the NEA, those money hungry bastards that take my dollars and give them to crap organizations that I don't support. The job doesn't make me unhappy, you make me unhappy. During tough economic times with schools, you actually RAISE fees to your "membership", which is a forced tax on people so you can shell out money for agendas that half your population is against.

Stop linking me.
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