Sunday, March 25, 2007

10 signs that Senioritis is in full effect

10. The teacher shakes his head and sighs a lot.

9. Student comes in at lunch or after-school, "Oh, here's my work that was due today. I just forgot to turn it in". For some reason they think that I'll accept it. I just mark it "zero" and move on.

8. Increase in profanity. Students think that because they are now 18, they can talk like 13 year olds.

7. Attendance drops. You would figure that attendance would go up, except that the Spring weather makes attendance much worse. Of course, it's the "D" students that are gone and will have a nasty report card coming up.

6. Seniors sign themselves out. Now that kids are 18, they miss school and simply sign out their own absences. Out of the dozens of kids that do this, only 2 or 3 can actually do it with significant grade slippage. And again, it is the lower grade students that are the signatories.

5. More suspensions. Can you believe it? Seniors get suspended quite a bit near the last quarter of their high school career. Fighting, drugs, you name it.

4. Phone calls. Surprise. After grades being available online, after being able to be reached by e-mail AND instant messenger, parents have decided that eight months in they should be concerned.

3. "Mr. Silva-Brown, this is *********** (insert any counselors name). The parent of *******(insert student name) requests a conference regarding the student's grade. "

2. "But we're Seniors. We leave after 2nd period." This is after the kid tells me that he/she doesn't understand supply/demand, and I tell them to come in at lunch.

1. "You don't seem to care that I'm (or 'my son/daughter is') failing." I care, but I'm not supposed to care more than your son/daughter. It's your grade, you need to invest in it. Anything less means that a high school diploma is meaningless.
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