Monday, February 26, 2007

To Rev. Jeremiah Crane

In November of 2005, I posted this:

Legalize would decrease drug associated violence.
Les Crane was the biggest proponent of legalization in Mendocino County. He ran a "Hemp Church" in Ukiah and a similar place in Laytonville (about an hour north of Ukiah).
As reported in the Ukiah Daily Journal, Les has proved that legalization has done nothing but continue to destroy the social fabric of Mendocino County.
Les Crane was murdered in his home by robbers that stole cash and marijuana.

Today, I received a comment on the post:

I'm not sure if you're comments were meant as pompous or just stupid. I'm Les's son and if you think 'Legalization' has taken place here you are a fool. Obviously no legalization has taken place there is no patient that is safe. Whether it is a police-thug or a tweaker-thug patients and activists in this movement are at risk of being robbed or killed by either. And at the end some mail-in degree 'scientist'(or whatever) can flap his jaw however he he wants. But know that my dad fought for your freedoms too no matter how worthless you and your opinion are. Feel free to e-mail me back at the very LEAST your ignorant pratter will amuse me.

P.S. I am not sorry if this appears twice this is just how much you disgust me.

Rev. Jeremiah Crane
My response is this:

Mr. Crane,
My condolences regarding your father, who regardless of our political differences, did use the money to help out kids in Laytonville. In the end, my disagreements are political, not personal.

However, I've been reading your comments for a long while now, I don't think we are even close to being in the same book, much less a similar page. Marijuana is, for all intents and purposes, legal. It is almost never prosecuted, it is culturally accepted, and their are county and city laws that allow it to be dispensed. And let's make sure we use facts. Medical Marijuana 'patients' consist of people who are looking to get high, not people that medically need the drug. Most people that receive the Medi-card are people that politically reject the ruling of the United States in regards to its legality, and want to get high. As a teacher for 6 years at the high school, I can vouch for the number of students that have waived cards in the air with big grins, and the fairly clear evidence that none of them had terminal HIV or cancer. Let us also remember that the "police thug" mentality in Ukiah, simply doesn't exist, and that most crimes that occur against marijuana 'patients' are from people trying to get marijuana. Since the town passed Measure G, crime has gone up significantly, with the vast majority being drug related, or gang related (gang turf wars are drug related). We won't even mention the impact that the drug has at the schools, which is negative to say the least.

Sorry, although I'm very into the protection of freedom, I don't see the promotion of a drug culture as enhancing the U.S. Constitution.

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