Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A technicality, but you get to pass anyway

Teacher fills out progress reports in November.

Teacher misses marking a student who is failing and doesn't mark the "Is Failing" or the "In Danger of Failing Code" on the scantron.

Semester rolls around and student gets "F".

Like, serious "F".

Like, 30% "F".

But teacher didn't mark the progress report, so teacher can't fail her, even though the student's grade have been online 24hrs a day, since the beginning of the year.

Teacher gives an Incomplete.

Parent demands make-up work to get to a passing grade.

Teacher gives first set of make-up work, requiring the student to do extra work relating government and economic theory, thus showing me competency.

Parent rejects first set and states that, "Yes, my kid probably deserves an "F", but you made the mistake so you deal with it." Parent wants easier work.

Teacher gives second set of make-up work, the "packet approach" in which the student will learn nothing.

Student will pass my class with a 30%.

Parent wants teacher to communicate better in the future because the kid won't talk about grades.

Progress reports? Weekly Progress Sheets? E-mail? Website? Online Grades? Get a clue? Be a parent????

Yeah, thank God we place such a high value on high school diplomas.

See kids, it does pay to proofread your work.

Anyone know a way to actually hold the kid accountable, or should I just start marking everyone "In Danger of Failing"?
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