Sunday, February 18, 2007

Live..........from Chico, California!

Well, it's back to the old stomping grounds to deal with some family business. That means that the three hours drive to Chico is in order.

Actually, I'm already here, and I've been here for about 3 days.

For those that haven't been to Chico, you are required, by law, to engage in various tasks when coming into this town that is forever expanding. No, I don't mean that you need to become a drunken frat brat and fall into the lap of some sorority slut that's been around more times than a clothes dryer. I mean you need to experience my Top Ten choices of things to do while in Chico!

10. Eat pizza at Celestinos. For $15 you can get a huge pizza with serious toppings and all the belly warmth that only a slice of a good pie can provide. This is the best pizza around!

9. Walk around the University, and up through Bidwell Park. Chico is excellent because you can walk everywhere. The university is beautiful for a walk, and a short jaunt east brings you to the one of the best places for a morning walk on the planet. Did I mention that it is the 3rd largest urban park in the country? Want an easy walk? Stay in the lower park. Want a bigger challenge? Head to the upper park past Hooker Oak.

8. Drink a Bloody Mary at Nash's. If you were stupid enough to drink Saturday night away with the floozy, take her to a "guilt breakfast" at Nash's, that way you can dump her easy, and enjoy the greatest Bloody Mary on the planet. Get there early though. I was there today and it is full of frat and sort geeks.

7. Play Disc Golf up on 32. About a mile past Humbolt Road on Highway 32 is the Bidwell Park Disc Golf Course, which actually has a short AND a long course. The short course is perfect for the 45 minute game, while the long course makes you loose your disc into the canyon if you are not careful. The view are spectacular!

6. Taste at Sierra Nevada. I remember when Sierra Neveda was a microbrew. Now, the master brewery is a huge hangout in Chico. Call ahead for reservations, then get the beer taster to get a good overview of SN's great lagers. Be warned, it is always busy!

5. Farmer's Market and Thursday Night Downtown. Haven't done this in awhile, and it only works in the summertime, but it is still a really good time.

4. Hit the used book stores. There are a few smaller used book all around town, but the two best are downtown (owned by a group of jackass students, but the selection is excellent) and Rerunz, the home of "recycled entertainment". Rerunz is owned by a really nice guy that has an excellent collection of books, videos, dvds, cds and games. Plus, he actually knows a whole lot about books. He's on East 20th in the Target shopping center.

3. Go to Burger Hut. Um, Chico.........Burger Hut.........hello?

2. Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works. For years, many have strayed into Brooklyn for a hangover cure. You can simply go in and enjoy excellent bagels (lox, onions, cucumbers, yummmmmm) with a little Spiderman hanging off the Brooklyn Bridge.

1. Walk the streets. Ok, so I did my best to get you away from the party atmosphere that is Chico, and I'm still telling you to avoid it. There is a difference between the frat crap down on 5th and Ivy, and a good old fashioned "good time". Walk the streets long enough and you will find friendly people inviting you for a brew or a dog or simply good conversation. While living in Chico, my friends and I made it a Friday tradition to bring out the hibatchi and a cooler of brew for a streetside BBQ. Not once did we have a problem (the occasional drunk homeless guy made things interesting), and people always stopped by to chill and enjoy the mellow atmosphere.

I'm back to Ukiah tomorrow, and I'll be prepping for the week ahead already.
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