Sunday, February 18, 2007

In the hour of our discontent

No, I haven't been posting.

Monday: An issue came about that I simply can't talk about because it involves people that are a lot higher up than me. Let's just say that I was really angry.

Tuesday: The question of the day was "Are you going to go to the school board meeting?". The union was trying to rally up support for a teacher voice at the meeting, where some were going to complain about various district-teacher issues. The meeting was at 6:30, and I had an open gym to run from 3:30-5:30. Plus, I had a pretty good idea what was about to happen at the meeting. That didn't stop certain members of the staff to look at me with disdain when I told them that I wasn't going. "You don't care about your pay?" I was asked. Sure I do, but the kids like Open Gym, and thinking like an economist, I already have a plan regarding the districts response to better pay.

Wednesday: Happy Valentine's Day. The classes are interrupted constantly by people bringing in flowers, and students complaining that I won't let them ditch class to go sell candy or whatever. I'm grumpy, so I start each class with "Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Now, what's the over/under number regarding how many of you will still have your boyfriend/girlfriend by night's end? Wager anyone?" My class gets my humor, so I get a laugh, except out of those that are so blindly in love that they get irritated and snarl at me. The Ukiah Daily Journal wrote a piece on the school board meeting. I have to agree with many of my colleagues that the issue isn't as much pay, as it is that I feel demoralized by the conditions. It ways heavily lately, and I can't figure out why. Worse news, what I feared would be announced at the meeting, was. The board is looking at cutting Frosh Football, ditching elementary school band stuff, not funding sports transportation, and getting 6-11 positions at the high school. Oh yeah, and maybe closing an elementary school also. Today I also dealt with my Monday issue, and felt the least appreciated and most enraged I had ever felt at work.

Thursday: I'm trying to shake the doldrums, except that the school board cut options are the talk of the school. Some of my friends are very worried about the cuts, and I'm trying my best to talk to the right people to get good teachers to stay on campus. The day ends on another down note. Another teacher/friend was let go, a good one that wanted what was best for the kids, but had problems with the "bureaucracy".

Friday: I couldn't sleep last night and got to school at 5:50 in the morning after waking up around 4. Classes go fine except for one, and the problem is that a couple of students continue to try and nap in my class. I put so much time and energy into the class, that I have now lost patience and I'm starting to simply kick people out for sleeping. I mean, they are sleeping during a simulation! Friday, the day before a weeks vacation, ends with three teachers getting around and discussing how we feel that the mountain ahead of us is too big to climb, and the powers that be are actually pushing us down hill.

Not the best motivation for writing.
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