Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ball Game Over

Well, my 6th basketball season at Ukiah High School is finished.
I can't say too much about it, since the usual detractors often view this blog and are probably printing off every offensive thing I say to give to my boss with the insistence that I'm Public Enemy #1, and worship both Satan and Al Gore.

For a small recap for the Ukiah J.V. Boys:
20-6 overall
10-4 in league
Out of the six losses, we were only totally out of one. The other five we were actually up for most of the game.
Everyone was in the scorebook in four games, including the last game, last night.
The kids were excellent to coach. I've had more fun this year than any other year.
The parents were very supportive, and open to good communication.
I've had zero parent complaints. For those of you that are counting, that would be zip, nada, none. Nothing to the boss, nothing to the AP, nothing to the AD, nothing to the Varsity coach.

Of course, I have plenty to work on. If you remember, I made a post about the 4 technicals that I had this year. I haven't had one since, making a greater effort to sit the sidelines instead of roving like crazy.

My zone was really good at the beginning of the year, and faded away in league. I'm guess that it was because our pre-season teams were bigger, and thus the zone was more effective, while our league teams were smaller, and could shoot better. Still, I need to get it working better.

I was told that I was recommended for retention at the JV level for next year. I'm definitely up for it.
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