Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where the heck have you been?

Where the heck have you been?

Busy. The 6:30-8:30 workdays are killer. Then I do homework until 10:30 and basketball on Saturdays. Blogging is not at the top of the list right now.

There is a rumor that the blog is finished. That true?

Not a chance. I’m simply making the priorities as they should be, and blogging is lower down on the list. I’m all about prep, so that is taking up time.

Prep for what?

I’m really trying to make my International Studies class work. A new prep just takes a lot of time to make it click. I’m also trying to constantly keep up my website,, and the Ukiah High Model UN site.

Nice site. How’s the parent response about the site?

Parents love it. Students use it. The responsibility factor has really been placed on the kids when I post work on the site. Plus, I use less paper. 80% of the kids print the work at home or in the library after we go over the work. The only problem is making sure I get the assignments up. A couple of times I forgot to post the assignment, which makes things a little difficult, but it keeps me on my toes.

Speaking of parents, how is parent/teacher relations?

Totally fine. The website makes things much easier and I’ve had next-to-no negative issues.

And what about basketball……

11-2, and having a good time with it. We are fun to watch.

What about the issues from earlier this year?

They are spreading rumors, going after other teachers and coaches, and are digging their own hole nicely. Some of us received legal advice and are doing some documenting for defamation and harassment. Apparently, the politically charged community is going after various educational positions for one reason or another. Of course, this is interesting coming from a down that has a rampant drug problem and refuses to put energy towards that.

Drug problem?

Teachers, police, administrators, counselors.....even high level education staff within the county, have reported that the drug problem in Ukiah Unified is really, really bad. Reason? The town has a lax attitude towards it, period. One connection with the police department told me that the marijuana problem is simply not addressed by the legal system. The district attorney refuses to prosecute, judges refuses to throw the book, and kids keep getting hooked.

That’s rough. How’s the media treating it?

Recently, the Ukiah Daily Journal’s editor K.C. Meadows published an editorial attacking the school for allowing vandalism, as if we were the problem. She pointed to the size of the school as the issue, even though we have decreased in student population over the last three years. Then there was an article about I-Pods being stolen at the school. As usual, the paper likes to blame the school for the town’s ills, and refuses to help support the school in an effort help out kids.

Well, when are you back to blogging?

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