Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wakey, Wakey

I caught a student napping during Silent Reading on Friday. The student had recently transferred into my class and the conversation went something like this.

Teacher: Just remember please, that your grade will be impacted if you are using SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) for nap time.

Student: (Lazily raises his read) What?

Teacher: Go home if you are too tired, but do not sleep in this class.

Student: You mean I got points taken off just for sleeping?

Teacher: Um, yea.

Student: But you didn't tell me that I couldn't sleep in class. I was never told that sleeping was against the class rules.

Teacher: Are you serious?

Student: Yes!

Teacher: Oh please. Any other teachers actually let you sleep in class?

Student: Yes!

At this point, other students in the class started to nod.

Teacher: Well, make it a point not to sleep in my classroom, and understand that your grade will suffer if you go night, night.

Of course, I was irritated at the student, and irritated at the situation. The students that were nodding were students that have been honest often, which is not good for the image of educators.
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