Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Um, Mr. President?

For a little something to spike interesting in the Presidency, I decided to show the White House sanctioned video of George Bush touring the Oval Office. Unfortunately, I committed a cardinal sin when showing the video. I half-assed the preview. Of course the video isn't "inappropriate" for school, or rated "R" for the young kiddies. But I previewed this video by simple listening to it halfway, in the background, while I did other work. I mean, come on, it's a 7 minute video on the White House website! How bad could it be!
How about embarressing.
The video does a nice job giving some insight on the President's tastes in interior decorating in the Oval Office, and I mean that sincerley. He has paintings of Washington, Lincoln, and various scenes from Texas, plus busts of Churchill, Ike, and Lincoln again. His explainations about his choices help delve into the man behind the Commander-in-Chief. However, either George Bush is the single most incompetent speaker or the editor of the video should get a Saddam Hussien welcome. I think it is the later (though Bush is a horrid speaker), but if that's the case, why publish a video that is totally bush league, pardon the pun. Regardless, the kids got a huge kick out of it, though that wasn't necessarily the intention.

I'm petitioning to teach AP Comparative Governments next year. Anyone teach that now?
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