Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sure, the problem was that it was a "black issue".

This is exactly the kind of crap that shows that we have our priorities way out of whack. Before I go off, I'll pacify the NAACP by stating that I think that Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most profound figures in U.S. history. His brave and brilliant actions changed the social image of how the human species was supposed to interact.

Saying that, since when did Tarleton State University in Texas, or any other university for that matter, suddenly get a conscience about teenagers drinking heavily while attending an institution of higher learning. Thanks to the Associated Press, it has become news that an uproar has occurred at Tarleton about Martin Luther King boozefest that included malt liquor, fried chicken, gang attire, and guns. Apparently the pictures appeared on Facebook and the accusations of racism started to fly and the president of the university has started an investigation.

What a bunch of politically correct crap.

I saw some of the pictures on Smoking Gun, and I'm interested about the investigation that will start regarding underage drinking, binge drinking, drug use, and the use of gas grill instead of briquettes. Oh, that's right, it's not an issue. And let's not forget that the theme is for some drunken college frat and scat kids that have a single interest in killing brain cells. I mean, we are not talking about a group of Dallas, Texas Mensa kids that are discussing the pro's and con's of the current state of U.S. race relations. How about investigating the president of the university for executing a serious lack of judgement in even listening to the NAACP chapter in Dallas. Jesus, talking about a legendary organization that is giving itself a bad name, how about some NAACP focus on real issues.

By the way, let us also remember the other famous college party themes that we all know and love, and let us remind these drunken students that they must show the due respect to the originals:

-The Greeks: It all started here! The disrespect of the Greeks is legendary and I can't believe that schools allow toga parties in blatent disregard for the Greek culture.

-Loose the Clothes Party: MLK? No party allowed. A bunch of naked drunken teenagers running around in the act of foreplay? No problem. Just cover the beer gut a little and call Girls Gone Wild to get the school some exposure.

-White Trash Trailer Bash: Interesting that universities allow this uncaring attack on the nations rural poor. I demand that an investigation start right now. This disrespect for the working poor must end now. Let's start at Cal-Berkeley.....

-Pimps and Hoes: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it. Doing Pimps and Hoes to represent a cultural ideal would be ok. Just don't include the title "Martin Luther King Jr. Party".

And finally, all the other "cultural awareness" days where students get completely blasted to "celebrate" our diversity: St. Patrick's Day (try Chico), United Nations Day (been there), and Cinco-de-Mayo (ask students what it really means).

Don't act concerned when political correctness suits you. I don't think that what the students did was in good taste, but the issue should be making academic institutions more focused on being a little more sober. When you start educating kids, schools AND PARENTS, then they will stop acting like animals.
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