Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A lot happened today

-I got a cranberry muffin instead of the blueberry one I ordered from Starbucks.

-I was told by a colleague that I needed to experience WASC because "it will help your professional development as a teacher". The colleague was serious. I, quite frankly, see lots more to do with my time.

-I got Advanced Placement Comparative Governments passed by Site Council and Department Heads. Polski stated that I must be having fun with the class if I'm taking on a more advanced version. In one word......yep!

-Safeway sandwiches on rustic italian bread are yummy.

-We lost our third game of the season tonight, and currently sit at 12-3. We lost because we didn't play well, period.

-However, on a side not, an official stepped right into my face twice (during and after the game) in an attempt to bait me to fight him. "What, do somethin!". Don't see that every day.

-Note to opposing teams; don't complain about making one trip from Santa Rosa to Ukiah. By the end of the season, I will have made eleven trips in the other direction, on a school bus.

-It is truely nice to be home.
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