Thursday, January 11, 2007

The iPhone iDont care about

I was pretty interested in the MacWorld announcement of "something big" this week. I had heard the rumor of "I-TV", but that idea had been in the works for awhile.

The big deal is iPhone, a new device that is combination cell phone, wifi web device, e-mail browser, iPod,camera,
and overall neat thingy. Plus, this has the capability to do everything
using a "smear proof" touch screen, getting rid of the bulky PDA style
devices. Finally, there are senors that will automatically bring up
software when you turn the device around, change the screen lighting
based on outside brightness, and make you a nice margarita when you get
thirsty (ok, maybe not the margarita).

Sorry, I'm just not that excited about a new cell phone. Here's why.

First, the average life of any cell phone is a little under two years. I don't see people forking out $500 for Cingular
Wireless and a cell phone. And Steve Jobs was looking at taking 1% of
the cell phone market in one year? We are talking about tens of
millions of people in a market that is already saturated with cheaper
and viable product.iPhone browses the 90% of other phones. iPhone plays MP3' 80% of other phones. iPhone has a computer operating system (OS X variant) Microsoft has had on PDA's for over a year (Microsoft Mobile). Get the picture?

what the hell good is it to actively text or e-mail using a touch
screen? It will be slower and less productive than the business
oriented Blackberry models already on the market to produce massive
amounts of e-mail. And again, you can get a greatPDA for over half the price, and wifi will not be far behind.

I'm very interested in how much juice this baby is going to take from a
cell phone style power supply. Jobs quoted 16 hours for music only, and
5 hours for web use and phone calls. 5 hours? For $500?

Nope, I'm just not falling off my chair like I was with the iPod, which was just too cool at the beginning. The screen, the sensors, and the wifi
are all really neat, but do we really want to shovel this much stuff
into a touch screen phone? And again, for $500? I'll wait.
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