Monday, January 15, 2007

Generation Next

Check out your PBS stations for a documentary on the new generation of young adults called Generation Next. I've been keeping up with little snippets of the program on the Jim Leher Newshour (required viewing for my students) and it's looking like some seriously good viewing. It looks at a generation that ranges from ages 18-25, and Judy Woodruff does a nice job trying get an overview of the most analyzed group of adults in history.

Check it out.

I think that the history that's going to be written about my generation is going to talk about how we responded to unbelievable challenges, challenges like no other generation for at least a century, I think.

I mean, when you're talking about America's place in the world, when you're talking about global warming, when you're talking about just dealing with inequality, within the country and within the world, the question is going to be, how did young people respond? How did my generation stand up and respond to those? And I think that that has yet to be written.

-Anya Kamentez (author of "Generation Debt")
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