Thursday, January 18, 2007

As early, but not as stupid, as every other presidential prediction

Every poll that is taken right now is just plain dumb. However, I'm game, so here are my current predictions for 2008.

-John Edwards will win the nomination.
-Obama can't do it. Sorry. Age, race, youth, middle name "Hussein". The country isn't quite that ready.
-Gore is fat, needs to stop making partisan scare movies, and needs to go raise money for a real candidate.
-Kerry just needs to go away.
-Dodd is too unknown.
-Biden is too angry.
-I will be president before Hillary.
-Bill Richardson is my dark horse.
-Everyone else is a joke.

Ephalents (yes, that was intentional)
-Rudy Gulliani will win the nomination.
-Romney is my dark horse, though not much of one.
-McCain died this week when he supported the troop surge. RIP for 2008.
-Gingrich actually sounds reasonable as of late, except that he pissed off every Democrat when he was in Congress, then pissed off every Republican when he worked with Clinton.
-Everyone else is dreaming, but I like Huckabee for the future.
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